Monthly Archives: May 2012

Employment Progression

In my new dataset, each row is a series of jobs that one person has had.

Most of them are quotidian:
Junior Tax Analyst –> Senior Tax Analyst
Investment Banking –> Investment Banking –> Investment Banking

Some of them are funny:
Corn Detassler –> Flight Delivery Center Technician
Quabbity Assuance –> Electronics Sales Associate

Some baffling:
Gymnast –> Air Traffic Controller
bust boy –> bust boy –> bust boy?

And some inspiring:
Dishwasher –> Dishwasher –> Model


Does Barack Obama follow Queen Noor?

Twitter maintains a few lists of verified accounts. One of these lists includes 38 world leaders. Using Twitter’s fantastic API, I did some detective work to see which world leaders “follow” which others.

Follow network of verified world leaders’ Twitter accounts.

The graph is messy, but it displays some order. Barack Obama (@BarackObama) and David Cameron (@Number10gov) tie for the most followers at 17 each and appear toward the center of the network. The Prime Minister is more reciprocal in his attention – with 13 outgoing follows to The President’s mere 4.

What does it mean for one world leader to follow another on Twitter? Probably not much. Perhaps there will come a day when it is a diplomatic faux pas to meet with a head of state and then neglect to follow his Twitter account.

As for whether Barack Obama follows Queen Noor? He does not. @QueenNoor‘s follow of @BarackObama is unrequited.