Twitterjjj – 180 Million Tweets at a Glance

Twitterjjj is a set of scripts I use to take a first look at what people say when they tweet about a particular topic, brand or person.

I wrote it to a small set of (self-imposed) specifications.

  • Create a 1-page report describing how people discuss a keyword or phrase in their tweets.
  • Ensure the report is easy to read on the web, and that results can be easily downloaded for further analysis.
  • Respond immediately with preliminary results and continue to update as the processor churns through the terabytes.

My corpus of tweets starts in April 2012 and continues to the present. To be non-specific about the numbers, there are about 180 million tweets in this corpus, with about 3 million more added every day.

Many of the reports I’ve run I make publicly available.  For instance, you might discover that people use more negative sentiment than positive when they discuss republicans on twitter.  Don’t worry, the same is true for democrats.  You might have guessed that, but did you know that tweeters are 3 times more likely to mention the “GOP” than “republicans”?  Brevity is the soul of twitter.

Beyond politicians, who occupies a lot of twitter mindshare?  Let’s look at the first three celebrity names that popped into my head: Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga and Kim Kardassian.  We’ll measure mindshare in tweets-per-million.  That is, in every one million tweets, how many times is the keyword (celebrity name in this case) present?

Celeb Tweets per Million
Bieber 908
Gaga 541
Kardassian 116

It looks like Bieber fever is more contagious than the Kardassian cough.

Find me on Twitter @jasonjones_jjj.  I’m happy to hear feedback and suggestions for new keywords to explore.


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